Concrete Mixer

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Concrete Mixer

Post by alesome » 15 Jan 2011, 19:07

i was wondering if any one had an opinion on these big mixers available on ebay at the moment compared to GMC mixers ... 27b5e564a5

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Re: Concrete Mixer

Post by limitless » 01 Dec 2012, 20:26

Its not practical to use more than one barrow full at a time - approx 100-110 litre, and anyone who has moved a barrow full of prepared cement (and believe me, I have lifted many) understands that a little less is better than more (if you can even push a full one!) - so the barrow size is not advantageous. The reference to 'Hi Speed 30RPM' is odd IMO given the cement will only mix properly at around 25-35 RPM - slower and the mix takes too long, faster and it doesn't mix but sticks to the outside of the drum - so it is simply the speed of this model. The design of the blades inside the drum and the tilt angle while mixing also influences how well it mixes.

A Cost comparison analysis including cost for labour time of mixing concrete compared to a mini mix or other ready mix concrete. Dont forget the aggregate, sand and the cement which are stored dry in bags. These work well on an owner builder full house or reno where you want to do bits and pieces over an extended time that on each occasion will use more than one or two barrows of mix. For a slab or footings where the site is prepped in full readymix is almost always the best option.

Cleaning after each use especially gears is so important. Concrete mix is very wearing on mechanical items - I still use a 1948 Benford mixer with a Villiers 4 stroke motor, and a 1956 Lightburn electric, because of his care in commercial use and my care when i took them on.

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