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Radiator Booster

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A Radiator Booster is an innovative, lightweight product that uses a small fan to draw heat from a standard radiator, gently distributing it better into the room. It will warm a room faster, save lost energy, and reduce heating bills.

Simply place a Radiator Booster on top of a hot radiator, holes facing down, and plug it in. It'll heat a room in up to half the time, allowing the boiler to shut down sooner, saving heating time and cost - for a running cost of about 30p a year!
radiator booster.jpeg
Radiator Booster
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It's adjustable in size, has a built in thermostat and could save an average household between £70 and £140 per year.

For all the FAQ's see http://www.nigelsecostore.com/acatalog/ ... oster.html

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