KalWall Reduces lighting and heating

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KalWall Reduces lighting and heating

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Kalwall diffuses light so efficiently even direct sunlight is converted to even, glare free illumination. It gives a soft restful light in work areas free from sharp shadows and contrast. This lighting environment prevents eyestrain, increases efficiency and saves energy.

Kalwall has the ability to transmit large amounts of usable light with a relatively low level of light transmission. Less radiant energy transmitted, coupled with diffusion, does away with the hot spots which are so common to other light transmitting materials.

The broad diffusion of light over a large area reduces the need for sunblinds, shades and louvres. When the building is lit at night the Kalwall will glow softly presenting a striking external appearance.

As Kalwall is light transmitting, it is required to meet the insulation provisions for windows and rooflghts. Considerable flexibility is therefore possible as the product can offer much lower 'U' Values than those prescribed, with good solar performance.
'U' Values from 1.25W/m2K to 0.28W/m2K are available. These are lower than can be achieved with any other light transmitting material.

Where thermal insulation is not important, such as on canopies or for use in unheated spaces, Kalwall can be provided without insulation.

Kalwall's low level of solar heat transmission and rediffusion results in a comfortable environment and will reduce air-conditioning costs.

Kalwall is light in weight, usually between 12 and 16 KG/m2, minimising the need for supportive structure. Large panels can be installed very quickly with a minimum number of junctions.


Kalwall Corporation c/o Stoakes Systems
Stoakes Systems Ltd., 1 Banstead Road, Purley, Surrey, CR8 3EB
Telephone:020 8660 7667
Fax:020 8660 5707



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