Post-to-truss building

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Post-to-truss building

Post by Toony » 31 Dec 2016, 14:59

Residential housing has slowed down for some of us, so we have had a couple crews framing up post-to-truss buildings and every one seems to be constructed differently. We have built some that have the roof nailers over the trusses and others have the roof nailers in hangers between the trusses. Some posts are 8' o/c while others are 7'6" on centre and some are even 10' on centre (that spread, they nailers are 2"x6" and between the trusses in hangers).

Is any one familiar with any of the above systems and if so, what their thoughts are regarding such a building design...and if they have encountered any troubles with one system over the other.
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Re: Post-to-truss building

Post by Steph » 02 Jan 2017, 02:44

Post/truss spacing may be more of a function of use - larger openings for garage doors down the road or something like that. As far as above versus between - I don't think there is much difference honestly. The hanger costs money and take some time to install - but it takes a similar amount of time and money to place blocking between the purlin when they sit on top of the truss.
I would say for me I would choose to put the purlin between the trusses in hangers with truss spacing 8' inside to inside. When placed above trusses it would make sense to overlap the purlin - making it difficult to sheet or keep a decent line for screws. I suppose you could butt them together but your blocking would only catch 3/4" of each purlin.. would probably still work I guess.

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