Building Regulation Software BRS

Part A Structural Safety,
Part B Fire Safety,
Part C Resistance to Contaminants and Moisture,
Part D Toxic Substances,
Part E Resistance to Sound,
Part F Ventilation,
Part G Sanitation, Hot Water Safety and Efficiency,
Part H Drainage and Waste Disposal,
Part J Heat Producing Appliances,
Part K Protection from falling,
Part L Conservation of fuel and power,
Part M Access to and Use of Buildings,
Part N Glazing safety,
Part P Electrical Safety.
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Building Regulation Software BRS

Post by Administrator » 28 Apr 2011, 13:59

The Green Architect in Newcastle works on Project BRs, Building Regulation Software bringing Regs software to the Construction Industry.
Building Regulation Software (BRs) is underway to bring together the first multi platform BIM building regulation solution. TGA aims to support the new industry standard in interoperability. More details coming soon

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